About Us

About Medford Landscape

We have 28 year exp. A great company who does all phases of lawn care and Hardscape landscaping, highly regarded and respected in the Medford area, I am always open to adding a customer that suits them and me.

  • Weekly & Biweekly Lawn Care
  • Lawn Renovation
  • Hardscape Landscape
  • Lawns, Hardscaping & More

Our Aims and Values

❖ Providing the highest quality services.
❖ Accommodating a wide range of budgets to match each customer.
❖ Keeping our customers satisfied.
❖ To be regarded as our customers’ preferred landscape service.

Why choose our services

24/7 Availality

We show up when we say we will. If there is ever a delay you will ...

Certified team

We are famous for having friendly crew members! You will love getting to know them.

No Hidden cost

We offer friendly, personal service you will never get from the big corporations! and no Hidden ...

Affordable prices

We are always competitive in pricing for all of our services. Our customers are confident about ...